Born and raised in Loftwick, to a noble family, Admus spent most of his life in service of Heironeous at the age of 13 he entered the priesthood and started following the studies. When Admus turned 18 he was enlisted into the Wheat March where he earned his first act of Valor and doing so joined theVanguard Valiant. As part of joining the order, Admus was gifted a symbol of Heironeous, his sword, engraved on the fuller of the blade of the sword was 34th analect ‘Never die easy; strive always for a valorous end.' 

Since the Wheat March Admus never really stopped fighting. He travels from place to place to try and restore order. Admus hopes that one day he will be known as a great champion of Heironeous and with each act of valor he preforms he believes he is getting closer.  With Iuz's army attacking Admus decided to head to Gorsend where he met up with a group of "heroes". Entering the Hall and seeing a Half-Orc, a Half Elf and, two dwarves (one dwarf looking like an assassin) standing there waiting for orders. Admus feared that he acted to hastily and should of waited for more of his brothers in arms to join him. After proving their combat prowess, Admus decided to travel with them as they took on the army of Iuz since they had a common enemy. "The enemy, of my enemy is my friend."