Blood magic froze Belmorn for 1000 years where he awoke with a case of amnesia. He slowly started to remember the mission he was on before he was frozen, to escort Sylgwyn as she purifies Rotbane to slay Vermillax. Fool hardy and head strong seemed to run into danger with little to no regard for his safety or the safety of his party. Cheating death on multiple occasions. Needing only the bare necessities often refused payment and only used goods to barter as go the teachings of his monastic lifestyle. Any trinket or symbol of sun light or pelor he held dear as a member of the Order of the Sun Soul they held these things most sacred. Fearing nothing and with only a stick in hand seemed to be able to defeat any foe in his way. Ultimately it was this falsified courage that was his demise as he ran ahead in the time spent in the underdark and perished leaving behind next to nothing.