Chesney spent the last few years in another Pomarj frontier settlement not too far away, the son and apprentice of the town blacksmith Dala Smith. Chesney was the product of her union with a high elf trader who came through her home town, and she brought 16-year old Chesney with her when she went to be the settlement's blacksmith. 

The man put in charge of the settlement turned out to be a right bastard and used the relative isolation and seclusion of the settlement to exploit his authority over the settlers. He required settlers to beg his personal permission for virtually every aspect of their lives, from marriage to profession to construction to planning. 

Because of his tight-fisted rule, the settlement was doomed to fail. Year by year, Morale lowered and the settlement suffered. Resentment seethed under the surface, and many villagers began to covertly worship Trithereon and beg his aid. When the tyrannical supervisor started trying to force Chesney's mother to be his consort, Chesney and his mother began organizing a rebellion. Working in the forge in the secret hours of the morning, they armed the villagers and rose up to depose their leader. Throughout the rebellion, Chesney received guidance and encouragement from a voice he later recognized as Trithereon's. 

With the tyrant and his cronies dead or run off, Dala Smith was unanimously appointed to run the settlement in his stead. In the months that followed the settlement flourished like never before. But even with the success of their revolution, Chesney couldn't rest knowing that tyranny reigned in other places. With his hand on his mother's anvil he swore his oath to Trithereon to combat tyranny wherever it should rise, travelling the country to protect common people and avenge abuse by the powerful, whether that should be an unfair ruler, a monstrous overlord, or a threat from a foreign empire. 

Whispers from Trithereon have led Chesney to this adventure, where Trithereon means for him to help the people recover, mend their wounds, and plan their way forward in personal liberty and responsibility.