At a young age Edder was captured and enslaved with his clan by dwarves and used as living compasses. The clan still held onto the Minotaur way of life and taught Edder how to be a proper Minotaur with the teachings of Kord. The dwarves deprived the Minotaurs of light and food keeping them locked in the brig of the ship most of the time in attempts to destroy their spirits. Stoic and proud the clan planned it's escape and overtake of the boat to regain there freedom. The attempt failed, the clan's number dwindled to 3, the dwarves lost many crew members as well. The Dwarves sold of the remaining 3 Minotaurs but under the condition they not be sold as a group. Now Edder is a farm hand in Sheafdale Hoping to one day be reunited with the other two remaining Teskos. After deafeating the goblins Edder traveled and an arcane power was unleashed never finding his clan he returned to Sheafdale.

Edder met his untimely demise in a Freehold mithril mine. While on assignment to rescue three miners, the group ran into a pack of darkmantles. In the darkness, Edder was unable to accurately target the fiends with his magic, and eventually succumbed to wounds sustained in battle. However, the group was able to rescue two of the miners (one was already deceased upon their arrival), so his sacrifice was not in vain.

Gramdir took his amulet as a memento, even though Edder had shown distrust, and arguably outright hostility, toward the dwarf.