Important Events in the Flanaess (all dates in Common Year format)

-446 The Great Migration

1 The Great Kingdom of Aerdy establishes control over nearly all of the Flanaess.

375 The Free City of Greyhawk achieves its first period of dominance.

582 The Greyhawk Wars begin.

584 The Pact of Greyhawk

586 The Great Kingdom of Aerdy shatters into two nations: Ahlissa and Aerdy

590 The Shield Lands fall completely to Iuz's armies, which is Iuz's first aggressive action since the Pact. Furyondy loses a dozen outposts to Iuz's skirmishers.

591 The Wheat March

594 Freehold established.

594 Iuz's armies push deeper into the north part of Furyondy.

595 Iuz takes over the whole of Furyondy with the help of his newly appointed Despoilers during the Blighted Thrust.