A young soldier with unbounded charisma, Marius Lindon was elected the Freeholder of the Yeomanry League by an astonishing margin. He is the youngest leader that this democratic nation has seen in some time, and he has given his followers boundless hope and optimism with his youthful energy.

The Yeomanry has a council of spokesmen that numbers around 108, and it is Lindon's job to wrangle all these representatives, which he does with aplomb. His goals are to strengthen the borders of the Yeomanry and deal with the threats of the giants from the mountains, goblins for the Tors, and unspeakable evils from the Hellfurnaces.

So far he has shown level-headedness in his tenure, managing to protect the Yeomanry from all manner of threats. It was his quick decision making that made the Wheat March such a resounding success.

Lindon does not flaunt his position, and he insists on dressing like a common soldier and living in a modest apartment in the Freeholder's mansion, while the rest of the rooms are given to honored veterans. The only two things that set him apart are his sword and armor. He wields the Yeomanry Brand, a gift from the Principality of Ulek. He also wears an ornate breastplate made of orichalcum, a metal which imbues the wearer with magical resistance, a gift from the Crushing Mountain Stronghold.