Goblins - Steve Prescott

Goblinoids are naturally stealthy and bloodthirsty creatures that live by hunting and raiding. They usually start off as a small tribe, but as they meet with other goblinoid tribes, these form into a warband. This snowballing effect can lead to massive goblinoid hordes that terrify and harass nations or entire regions. The Wheat March is a particularly poignant example of the danger imposed by goblin hordes. There are three main types of goblinoids:

Goblins are short, frail creatures that are as murderous as they are cowardly. They are generally easily dealt with, but their ability to hide in nearly any area makes them quite dangerous. Goblins utilize pack tactics to overcome larger creatures, but any hint of danger will make them scatter.

Hobgoblins are basically taller goblins, but they resemble humans. They are the ones who step up and lead goblinoid warbands, thanks to their cunning and human-like intelligence. Hobgoblins press goblins into service and ruthlessly abuse them if they try to step out of line.

Bugbears are the most vicious goblinoids. They can grow up to 7' tall, and they have surprising stealth for a creature that size. Bugbears lie in wait for victims to walk close to their hiding areas before ambushing them with brute strength. They serve as shock troops in goblinoid warbands.