Med (2)-0

Son of a farmer and the oldest of 3 sons, Gramdir is adept at living in the wild, surviving on the wilderness and defending himself from wild predators. He never found living in the same place comfortable, so after 15 years working the farm with his family, told his father he would be leaving at the end of the summer, to go out and forge his own path. His father was upset that he didn't take over the business, but Gramdir was sure his younger brothers would do a fine job.

Tragically, during the mid-summer festival, Gramdir's family along with most of the town was slain at the hands of goblin invaders. Over the course of the next three years, Gramdir fought back the goblins, restored his village, and went out on his own to hunt game for the villiage and to track down goblin stragglers. After nearly a year of poor hunting, he returns home to recenter himself.