Keth was born to an orc mother and a human father in the city of Monmurg. Most of the time, relationships like that don't really work, but his mother, a dock worker, and his father, a merchant, were actually able to provide a relatively good upbringing for Keth. Unfortunately, half-breeds aren't common in spite of Monmurg being a port city, and Keth had to deal with some pretty intense, occasionally violent prejudice growing up. His soft-spoken nature and passive attitude certainly didn't help, and it got to the point in which his parents reached the consensus that he needed to be sent to the temple of Trithereon so he could learn how to defend and assert himself. There, Trithereon's message of self-determination and individuality struck a chord with him, and he decided to get more involved in church affairs. Several years later, he decided to become a travelling cleric so he could help spread the word about Trithereon and his ideals. He is now tasked with travelling south to Freehold in order to help educate and defend the developing population in Trithereon's name as he sees fit.