Kromaek Goldmail is a member of the First Hammers of Moradin. He has been a part of the church since he was a child, as he was orphaned into the church's keeping. Both his parents died in a deurgar attack on his stronghold, and when he was old enough to take the oath of the hammer, he did so.

When he was of age to take a post in the church, he refused. He had decided that fighting against the creatures from the depths was only one solution, and that there was plenty of evil in the world of the sun-swimmers. Kromaek is now using his powers to rid the world of evil wherever he can find.

Kromaek is an incredibly strong combatant, and he uses his divine magics to embolden his own martial abilities on the battlefield. He uses a massive maul carved from the very stone of his own stronghold to lay waste to any foes he finds in his travels.