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Kyla was an aspiring wizard at the Silver Tower (a mage college in Highvale) on his parents coin. His was not a wealthy family, but his parents saw the spark of arcane talent in him at a young age and decided to spend most of their savings on tutors and tuition, gambling on him becoming a master mage and earning a high social position to bankroll the family.

He was a bright student, and picked up on advanced arcane techniques at a young age. However, Kuraus was ever the rebellious scoundrel, insulting tutors and skipping class, preferring to chase skirts and cold brews than studying musty old tomes. His youth was spent in equal parts being beaten by adult authority figures for getting into trouble, and getting into trouble. He declared himself an adult at the scandalously young age of 87, and took the adult name Kuraus, and abandoned his family name of Galayonel for the name Sandastran.

By this time he had sired two bastards by different women, his welcome in any institution of learning was more than worn out, and his parents finances destroyed. At this time he decided that it would be best to leave, lest he be impressed into marriage or murdered by vengeful fathers and husbands. He then began a life of travel, using what little bits of magic he had learned to earn coin and defend himself from the dangers of the road.