Kygal Gorehoof is the captain of the Waverender. He is about forty years of age, and he has been on the sea since he was old enough to walk. He is large, even for a minotaur, and he has scars that show his combat experience. His left horn is broken, and his left eye has been gouged out. All across his torso are scars and missing patches of hair.

Kygal is a no-nonsense type of person. His replies are short and to the point, and it takes a lot to make him open up. He once sailed with a crew of other minotaurs from his home tribe, but they all died during their years of sea. As far as he sees it, Echo and the Waverender are all he has left.

He treats Echo like the daughter he never had, though in his own gruff, stadoffish way. He obviously loves Echo with all his heart, and he has kept her by his side since he found her floating in the ocean.