Minotaurs have the features of a human and bull combined. They are innately strong creatures, and their horns make devastating weapons in combat. Their strength is only matched by their pride. A minotaur simply cannot stand being made to seem weak, and they will do whatever they can to repay the slight.

In minotaur society, the only way to move through the ranks is by combat. A minotaur who is rich from some ingenious enterprise could be seen as a peasant because they do not possess enough martial skill. Coliseums and fighting pits are attended by all minotaurs in a given tribe, and some fighting sessions can go on for days as the minotaurs try to increase their standing.

The fact that any minotaur of station had to literally fight to get it makes the majority of minotaur arrogant toward other races. They laugh at those who say their society is cruel, and they see no reason why the weak should rule the strong. Despite this arrogance, they are incredibly honorable creatures. They will not seek to cheat anyone else, and this trait can make them rather blunt. A minotaur is the greatest companion a person can have because once they give their word, they will never go back on it.

A highly prized attribute of minotaurs is that they have a supernaturally good sense of direction. If they have ever travelled a path even once, they can perfectly retrace them steps. This makes them exceedingly good sailors, and many navies retain the services of minotaurs as navigators.