The The people of Nyrond have long dwelt in the wide plains of Old Aerdy West between

the Franz River to the west and Harp River in the east. Most of the humans of Nyrond are 

of Oeridian heritage. But, there is also a strong Suel influence in the south and a mix Flan 

from the region’s original inhabitants. High elves dwell on the fringes of the Gamboge Forest, 

with their wood elf cousins abiding in the deeper reaches of the woods and in the Celadon 

Forest to the southeast. Gnomes and dwarves populate the warrens and caverns of the 

Flinty Hills, lending mineral wealth to the kingdom’s economy. The modern day kingdom 

stretches from the waters of Relmor Bay to the open fields east of the Gamboge. The 

Kingdom of Nyrond is a vast land with much potential.

With the Black Prince deposed and Lynwerd back on the throne, Nyrond faces yet 

another period of rebuilding as it strengthens its borders to secure its interior. Whispers 

of the Black Prince’s brief rule still echo through the kingdom’s thorps and manors. 

Religious tensions with an aggressor nation still loom in the north. A tyrant broods in 

the east, while an army of monstrous marauders and an angry green dragon press 

against the Flinty Hills. And pirates continue to vex the waters of Relmor Bay, 

more active than ever.

Despite these tribulations, the Kingdom of Nyrond cleaves to its old traditions of 

good and honor. It is still a place of adventure, a land of heroes, and a bastion of 

good in a world of dark threats.

The warriors of Nyrond are brave warriors who strive to fight on in the face of the 

deadliest of threats and bleakest of hopes. They are perhaps the most loyal army

in the world, and they have never shrugged off the duty of protecting their homeland.