Ogrin is the middle child in his family, which is no easy position for one of noble birth, especially in Dwarven society. His family, the Slatemangers, prided themselves on custom and military prowess above most things, so it was not easy for Ogrin to prove himself. He was born a runt, and he never found martial arts an easy thing to grasp. That being said, even the lowliest of dwarves is still a powerful combatant. He served his time in the Slatemanger honor guard, and he still wears the scars of his decades spent warring with the drow and deurgar. However, he had one thing the other dwarves did not: the ability to look past custom.

Through a series of shrewd deals, Ogrin became the richest of the Slatemanger clan. He even constructed his own small stronghold in the mountains, where he began to mine exotic ores and gems for use by the master craftsmen he had hired and/or had trained by his own people. His operation was unparalleled by Slatemanger standards, but his family was not impressed.

He thought that his legacy would be built by his dealings, but his father simply told him that they were not Goldhearths and left it at that. Ogrin gave up all his possessions, leaving them to his second in command. In doing so, he created a new stronghold known as Krinzdalek (The Gem Cave). He expressly forbid any of his family to infringe on their sovereignty, and he left the craftsmen to govern themselves.

Ogrin nearly gave up his family name, but his mother persuaded him not to, as she was loathe to see her son leave the clan. This scandal was the talk of all the Dwarven families, so Azbak Goldhearth offered him the position of advisor in a new colony called Oaken Hill. Ogrin did not want the position at first, but then he decided that staying home and hoping for some scrap of respect from his father was not the way to go about things. He traveled to the Pomarj, intent to make a new life and perhaps a new name for himself.