The orcs of the Pomarj were the most savage creatures on the face of the Oerth. They rampaging across the

peninsula, slaughtering all those who opposed them. The largest tribe who gathered together this horde of destruction was the Skullcrush Tribe. They were further emboldened when the demigod Krusk united these orcs under his leadership by decapitating the avatar of Gruumsh.

After the fall of Iuz, they were pushed to the eastern end of the peninsula, mainly thanks to efforts by followers of Heironeous. Powerful magics were used to smite their strongholds, and every orc was slaughtered that could be found. Some orcs remained in these blighted lands, though only a shell of what they once were. Some groups, notably the Tuskbreaker half-orcs, still patrol the peninsula in hopes of stamping out this force once and for all.