Heironeous paladin

Paragon Uthbrak the Unwavering is perhaps the most devout follower of Heirnoneous on the Flanaess. He spends hours each day reflecting on the teachings of his deity, and his every decision is only made after hours of prayer.

He currently leads the Grand Order of Heironeous as they attempt to reclaim lost strongholds and relics devoted to his deity. Though they have found little, they have not lost hope that they will bring honor to Heironeous and make him the preeminent deity of Oerth.

Uthbrak was born in Furyondy as the son of a legendary bandit captain. He was trained in the brutal ways of the criminal underworld, and he was set on taking over when his father passed. However, one day his father took him to the trade roads to ambush some caravans, and all the future plans were laid to waste.

The target looked easy enough. It was several carriages being led to a church in Greyhawk. There were few guards, and it looked like they had plenty of offerings for the guards. When the ambush was sprung, the back carriage opened to reveal a dozen paladins in shining plate armor. They flew at their foes with divine tenacity, and the paladins cut down the bandits easily. Great peals of thunder punctuated each brutal strike from their long swords as they smote the brigands.

One of the paladins raised his sword to strike Uthbrak, but the young criminal dropped his weapon and fell to his knees begging for mercy. The paldin held his sword and then went on slaughtering the others. With nowhere left to go, Uthbrak followed the priests on their way to Greyhawk. He was given a formal education and a decent upbringing within the order, and he never forgot the lesson he learned the day his father was righteously slain.

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