Population Edit

Principality of Ulek01

As of 591 CY, the population of the Principality of Ulek totaled 538,400 persons, over half of whom are humans of mainly Suel and Oeridian stock. Dwarves make up the next largest group (around 30% of the total population), with hill dwarves outnumbering mountain dwarves by approximately 2-to-1. Halflings are also present in significant numbers (10%), while the remainder of the population is a mix of elves, gnomes, half-elves, and others.

Religion Edit

The most popular deities among the Principality of Ulek's citizens are Ulaa, the dwarven pantheon, Saint Cuthbert, Lydia, Phyton,Fharlanghn, Osprem, Ehlonna, Olidammara, and Norebo. The village of Thrunch features a temple of Celestian nearby.

Languages Edit

The most widely-spoken languages in the Principality of Ulek include Common, Dwarvish, Keolandish, Halfling, and Gnomish.

Government Edit

The Principality of Ulek is an independent feudal monarchy with hereditary rulership, and is currently ruled by Stonelord Daznar Ashblood, Lord of the Peaks of Haven. Most of the royal families are Dwarven, but there are some human nobles as well. The royal family owns the city of Gryrax, the national capital.

Heraldry Edit

The Principality of Ulek's coat of arms is a red axe on a white background.

Economy Edit

The life-blood of the Principality is the city of Gryrax, one of the largest trading hubs in all of Greyhawk. Dwarven crafts are send to all corners of the Flanaess from this port, with the craftsmen themselves receiving a lion's share of the profits.

Resources Edit

The main resources of the area are various metals and gems mined from the Lortmil Mountains.

Currency Edit

The Principality of Ulek's standard coinage consists of the platinum high crown (pp), gold forge (gp), electrum anvil (ep), silver hammer (sp), and copper common (cp).

Conflicts Edit

Many of the main conflicts in this area stem from the hordes of orcs that come streaming from the Pomarj peninsula to the east. War is a constant state in Ulek, and there seems to be no signs of abatement.

Keoland is always a concern, as they have always wanted to expand their borders into Ulek. Expansive treaties were made with the Yeomanry League to stem some of Keoland's imperial wanderings.

The orc tribes of the Pomarj and the savage wood elves of that area have also been a major source of trouble for the Dwarven realm.

Transportation Edit

Massive amounts of naval activity takes place in Gryrax, and the rest of the prinicpality boasts stone-hewn roads. The most interesting feature of the Principality is the underground highway, a sprawling collection of Dwarven tunnels that leads to many areas of interest in the region. These roads were created to keep merchants and soldiers safe while travelling during times of war.

Military Edit

The Principality of Ulek has a rather small military, but it is perhaps the most ferocious in combat. Featuring the largest number of Dwarven infantry in the Flanaess, the military employs heavy infantry, boar cavalry, crossbowmen, and pikemen. Human skirmishers and light infantry make up about half of the military as well.