Stonelord Kilvar Barent

The leader of the Crushing Mountain Stronghold, Stonelord Kilvar Barent is a dwarf who has spent his life going against the grain. Born a prince, he gave up his his life of privilege over desputes with his father, Dworic Barent. He also gave up his birth name, taking on the name Kilvar (proud exile). During his time with the armies of the Crushing Mountain, Kilvar proved himself to be a capable combatant. After a time, he found himself drawn to the god Hanseath, and he even formed his own unit devoted to that god. Around that time, he also pledged himself as a cleric of Hanseath.

He set out of his homeland, followed by his trusted lieutenant Gildal. Kilvar found an adventuring party and went on many missions fraught with grueling trials. It is said he even traveled with the mythic Odeon Skullcrush, whose spirit escaped from the nether to possess an orc warlord and found the Skullcrush orc tribe, the most feared tribe in all the Pomarj. During one expedition, Kilvar met his fate battling a rock troll. Gildal perished soon after to an assassin's blade. After several years, Hanseath saw fit to bring back his most loyal servants. It was at the foot of the Crushing Mountain Stronghold that Kilvar and Gildal were summoned.


Gildal, Guardian of the Crushing Mountain

Upon returning home, Kilvar found that the stronghold had become stagnant, and his brother Dalrak, always the tradition-minded warrior, had left the horrors of the Crystalmists encroach upon their doorstep. Kilvar asserted his position and bested his younger brother in combat, thereby solidifying his throne. He then led a prolonged march against the giants of the Crystalmists, saving untold lives in the Yeomanry League.

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