Team Generica

Team Generica is a group of adventurers from Ulek who found each other in a tavern. While at the tavern, they heard of a goblin attack on a nearby farm. After defeating the goblins, they decided to stick together and seek out adventure wherever it was to be had.

They live their lives by the code of the Planar's Handbook, and they do whatever it takes to reach the next planar level. When they traveled to the Pomarj seeking glory, they came across Pholtesia and found their new home. Now they take whatever quests the baron gives them, working to carve out a name for themselves and reach the next planar level.

Sadly, two of their number were lost in battle with the Staglord (Tordek and Mialee).

The current members of team generica are: Jozan (cleric of Pelor), Ember (monk), Regdar (fighter), and Lidda (halfling rogue).