Tyal Coal, born Tyal Peakess, is a devout (some would say fanatical) paladin of Pholtus, and the baron of Pholtesia. He is unable to condone any actions he believes to be offensive to his god, going so far as to turn his own father into the guards when he stole a loaf of bread to feed his family. The city guard decided eight-year-old Tyal would be happier living in an abbey, and sent him along to a nearby monastery where he studied the teachings of Pholtus.

Quickly upon beginning his studies, Tyal began to believe that he had been chosen by Pholtus at birth to be His instrument on Oearth, because he found all the holy books to offer guidance in ways he already felt and believed to be true. Tyal soon became beloved by his teachers and hated among his fellow students, as he would always inform the adults when the other kids were doing things they should not be, such as talking too loud during studying time.

Eventually, a paladin at the monastery by the name of Eli Coal decided to take Tyal as his apprentice. Tyal and Eli trained together for 15 years before Eli sent Tyal to answer Ulek's call to settle in the Pomarj.

Upon arriving in the Pomarj, one of Tyal's first acts was to kill Nettles, a sentient zombie who maintained a bridge on the peninsula. The rest of the party was not keen on this decision, and it was ultimately ambiguous as to Nettles' final fate.

After leading the Pholtesia for months into a situation the Stonelord was unhappy with, Ashblood sent Blake Surtova to replace Tyal as Baron. Tyal gave up his seat peacefully while making it clear he believed it to be a major mistake, and left the village. His current whereabouts are unknown.