The wood elves have lived in the Suss Forest of the Pomarj since before humans had even crossed into the main part of the continent. They live a nomadic existence, and the wood elves hardly ever build permanent settlements. They prefer to set up hunting camps and caches of supplies in certain areas and live off the land instead.

Those who have tried to settle the Pomarj even in ancient times had trouble dealing with wood elf attacks, as they see any encroachment upon the forest as an act of aggression. Many armies have been sent forth into the Suss Forests only to be slaughtered by the guerrilla tactics of the wood elves. They generally set up ambushes in small groups and wait until enemies are deep within the forests to strike. Their tactics are tenacious and unforgiving, and the only ones they do not kill on sight are their High Elven kin. The Kingdom of Celene has had tenuous relations with the wood elves for millenia, with some wood elves becoming citizens of Celene.

The wood elves worship Ehlonna (or Ehlenestra as they call her) due to their Fey heritage and close ties to nature. The chain of command within wood elf society is mercurial in nature. Elders of a particular tribe (usually powerful druids) dictate the goals of the tribe, but a large amount of freedom is given to each individual wood elf. Some say there is a council of druids that oversee the good of all the wood elves, but those are rumors and no one has ever seen them.

The wood elves do not directly communicate with non-Elven races, and they tend to hide, sometimes for centuries, to keep their way of life secure. Most who have attempted to route them from the Suss Forests have simply caused them to go into hiding, only to reappear when the attacker least expects it. 

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